Sylvia Bernstein

Sylvia BernsteinSince 2003, Sylvia Bernstein has dedicated herself to connecting people and plants through indoor, soil-less gardening products. She is especially passionate about bringing the super-productive gifts of hydroponics, and now aquaponics, to mainstream families and schools across America. As part of that ongoing journey she founded, and is the President of, The Aquaponic Source and is the award-winning author of “Aquaponic Gardening: A Step by Step Guide to Growing Fish and Vegetables Together”.

In her recent past life Sylvia was the VP of Marketing and Product Development for AeroGrow International, the makers of the AeroGarden. She was one of the company’s original founders and was instrumental in developing the plant growth technology.

Sylvia has a degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of California, Davis and an MBA from the University of Chicago. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband, Alan.

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