Aquaponics in Education, Inspiration, and Community Building

I thought for this week that I would share with you some video of the presentation I gave at the Sweet Water Organics Workshop last weekend titled “Aquaponics in Education, Inspiration, and Community Building”. The video is in five segments, and each one stands pretty well on it’s own so if you only want to watch one or two that should be fine.

Thanks to my Boulder aquaponics buddy, Dan Thornton (the “Buddhist in the Bathtub”) for manning the camera!

The first video is an introduction of myself, my background, and the topic.

The second video is about Aquaponics Communities in the physical (vs. online) sense.

The third video is about Aquaponic Communities that are online.

The fourth video is about Inspiration in Aquaponics.

And the last video is about Education in Aquaponics

Thanks for watching!

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