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Joel Malcom with Backyard Aquaponics out in Perth, Australia does the backyard aquaponics community a tremendous service by publishing Backyard Aquaponics (BYAP) Magazine every quarter. It is a colorful, homespun, yet extremely professional publication that compiles the writings and systems of the young, world-wide, home aquaponics community.

Backyard Aquaponics Magazine issue 9Joel just released the current issue last week and among its treasures are an update from Mark England whose year long journey into the daily harvest from his aquaponic system inspired his charming ‘Picking From the Patch’ blog, an article by Affnan , the king of the siphon video, about bell siphons, and an article from Rob Torcellini (also a YouTube favorite) about his incredible greenhouse system (I’ve found growing plants with aquaponics to be easier than traditional dirt ‘gardening’). There is advice on handling slugs, talk about the nutrition of watercress, a recipe or two and much more. Each issue is this yummy blend of the practical, the emotional, and the aspirational to nurture the soul of the backyard aquaponics gardener.

I started writing a regular series for Backyard Aquaponics magazine this past winter based on interviews with influential American aquapons, and this issue contains a very interesting (at least I think so!) interview with Rick Mueller who runs the aquaponics systems for Growing Power in Milwaukee. If you find Growing Power as intriguing as I do, you won’t want to miss this issue. Meanwhile, I plan to post an interview in this blog later this week that I did with Dr. James Rakocy for a prior Backyard Aquaponics issue.

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  1. I’ve looked everywhere for an actual aquaponics magazine subscription (printed, not PDF or online) and I can’t find one. Is yours printed? If not, can you recommend one?

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